Inside Greyhound Blue
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• More than 200 WWII images of the 8th Division and the 13th Regiment.
• Step by step through over 180 days in combat.




Excerpts from the book:

That flag, that's how I feel:

"I saw guys disappear in front of my eyes, guys who charged up hills with no cover, guys that ran back into live fire to aide a buddy. And guys that crumbled with fear, that tried to shoot but couldn't, that wept like babies. I stood in lines of men who knew that they may not comeback. And men that didn't want to go, but did. Those men, whatever they fought for, fought. Whatever they believed, believed in something that made them go on. They fought under that flag, that flag represented them, and some came back with that flag draped over them. When your eyes well up with tears it's not because of a piece of woven fabric, or a patriotic fervor, it's because that flag is us, and it is horsepower, and it is what we strive for our nation to be, for all that want to be this nation. - James Ora Pasley


Operation Cobra:

"We were standing out in a field, when a plane flew over us. We all waved, assuming it was ours, but it wasn't, it was a German plane that was spotting positions. It wasn't any time before all hell came in on us. I ran for cover in a shallow ditch and put my head in between the guy's legs in front of me, and the guy behind me did the same, putting his head between mine... they were both killed. You don't forget things like that, I was just lucky, it's just luck... just luck!


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - "You're in the Army Now"

  This means war!
Fort Leonard Wood

  Chapter 2 - Combat Training
  Desert Training at Camp Laguana
"Into the Forrest", Camp Forrest Tennessee

Chapter 3 - "ETO" (Operation Bolero)

  Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Bivouac at Enniskillen Ireland
  Chapter 4 - "Into the Maelstrom"
  The Landing and Form-up    
  Chapter 5 - Combat "Operation Cobra"
  Bapteme Du Feu
Pushing on South
  Chapter 6 - Across the Brittany Peninsula
  Operation "Swordhilt"
Attack on Brest
"Hill 88"
The Crozon Peninsula
"The Day"
  Chapter 7 - To the West Wall
  Along the Siegfried Line
The "Bloody Hurtgen"
  Chapter 8 - Across the Roer (Operation Grenade)
  The Battle for Duren
Onward to Cologne, Operation Alligator
  Chapter 9 - Operation Plunder
  Crossing the Rhine
Along the Sieg River
The Bronze Star
  Chapter 10 - Into the Ruhr Pocket (Operation Rose)
  Closing the Pocket
  Chapter 11 - Across the Elbe
  The Last Combat
Wobbelin Concentration Camp
  Chapter 12 - The War Ends - "VE"
  Army of Occupation    
  Chapter 13 - "Headin' Homme" (Operation Magic Carpet)
  Camp Old Gold
"We're going home"
Acta est Fabula (The drama has been acted out)
NAME INDEX (partial)    
Ak, Elmer
Alte, Buntekuh Mine
Athos II
Ay River
Bad Honnef
Bad Godesberg
Belfast Harbor
Bertucci, Enrico
Bilby, Thomas
Broderick, Sergeant M.
Butterfield, Marion
Camp Forrest
Camp Kilmer
Camp Old Gold
Camp Patrick Henry
Canham, Brigadier General D. W.
Carl Hatcher
Chain, James E.
Cholitz, General Dietrich Von
Cigarette Camps
Coffey, Mildred
Colby, William E.
Coleman Edgar
Deshon, Arnold
Dettling, General Augustus
Drumcose Estate

Ely Lodge
Engle, Major General
Erft Canal
Fort Leonard Wood
Gauronsky, Frank
Gerow, Major General L. T.
Greyhound Blue
Greyhound Red
Greyhound White
Hans Von Kluge
Hausser, General Paul
Hill 400
Hill 70
Hill 88
Hohenzollerbruke Bridge
Hummel, Colonel Kurt
Ivy House
James Ora Pasley
Kall Trail
Kearney, William J.
Konig, General Eugene
Kujawa, Richard A.
Kviden, Edward N.
La Haye-du-Puits
Lerette, Colonel Earle L.
Mahomet, Illinois
Marine Kusten Batterie General
McMahon, General William
Middleton, General
Mihali, Lawrence B.
Napper, Lloyde
Operation Cobra
Operation Greande
Operation Magic Carpet
Operation Rose
Operation Swordhilt
Orvig, James C.
Perkins, Arthur
Peterson, James
Pietzonka, Colonel Erich
Rake, Lt. General Hermann
Rayburn, John

Reeves, Colonel
Romano, John
Rozborol, Steen J.
Sanders, Jack H.
Sieg River
Simpson, General
Smith, Winfred G.
Snyder, James
S. S. Sea Porpoise
Stroh, General Donald A.
Task Force Canham
Telma, Robert
Thompson, George A.
Tychsen, oberstumbannfuher Christian
Uncle Red
USS General J. R. Booke
USS James Parker
USS T. H. Bliss
Von Kluge, Filed Marshal Gunther
Watson, Colonel Numa A.
Weaver, General W. G.Weidenau
Wetzel, Walter C.
Wilhelm, Lt. Colonel Leonard
Young, Colonel Mason J.
Young, Carl E.